Sunday, February 8, 2009


I was unable to run the RC over my last two days off. Things just came up and I was unable to do it. I will try again on my next couple of days off.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Still no tire :(

I have still been unable to purchase a replacement tire for the Nitro and have not taken time to drive the Stampede. I have the next two days off and hope that I may be able to take it out and get some fresh video of it. If I am able to get some video as it will need to be Noelle that films it, I will post to the blog - anyway wish me luck that I don't break this one too!! ;)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bad News.....

I had taken my nitro truck to work with me so that I would have something to do over my lunch hour. Well, I jumped it and it flew into the building. It didn't really break anything major, but a wheel. So now I've gotta find a new wheel before and can drive it once again :(

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sweet videos of both trucks

First up is the Stampede VXL:

Second, Tectonic 4WD (mine has a yellow shell on it though)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Traxxas Stampede VXL/ExceedRC Tectonic

I was into RC's alittle when I was a child as my stepdad had bought a giant truck that he had to put together from scratch and yes it was electric with a few different servos and took some time to put together. It was really cool to see it going that I had from that point on wanted to have one of my own.

Then Chris told me about his Rustler. I got the urge once again to have one which is pictured below. It is only 2WD, but with the right engine, gear ratio and battery, it is able to go 65+ mph.

I was able to get one of my own at the age of 33. Our son Michael liked the one that I had purchased so much that lucky him at the age of 2, he got a little one that is 4WD and is pretty fast. I don't have any pictures of it.

I purchased a gas powered one when Noelle and I went to Las Vegas and took forever for me to get it and that was when I got the one mentioned above as I wanted one when Chris came over so that we could drive them together. And of course since I was new at it, I ran it into the curb at about 35 mph or so and broke a piece that held the wheel on to the truck. I learned very quickly how expensive that this hobby can be, but I enjoy it just the same. since that first accident it has been through many more with parts replaced.

I got the gas one about a month or two after ordering it in Las Vegas and is pictured below. It will also go 65+ mph without any other additions like I had to do on the electric one.

I have had accidents with this one as well, but not as bad as I had some practice with the electric one. I had taken both trucks to the 2008 Bleazard Family Reunion. I was not able to get the gas one to run, so we just drove the Stampede and Rustler.

I have video of it which was posted on our other blog, but I will add them here later.

Chris really wanted to drive the nitro powered truck, so when they came over here for christmas, he got his chance.

It had snowed here quite abit and it was fun to drive them in the snow. One night Chris and I took the Nitro truck to the school parking lot and he built a jump for it. We were able to enjoy the jump for about 30 minutes till I jumped it abit too fast and it flipped over causing damage to the outer shell and breaking a few other pieces. Chris had worked on it got it fixed then took it out for a test drive and broke a peice that made it go from a 4WD to a 3WD truck. He didn't have to, but he bought replacement parts for it which came in yesterday. I found them when I got home from work and was up to almost 2 AM getting the parts in and it looks like new. I haven't had the opportunity to run it yet, I kinda want to wait for some more snow as it is fun to drive it in the snow.

When spring comes I found that there is a track in Kennewick, that I will be visiting with both trucks to see how they perform. That's going to be all for now.